The story behind 'erieur

Pavillon Interieur ['erieur] is a small, well selected collection of home accessories, design pieces and vintage objects.

Homebase of the interior line 'erieur is a viennese creative space that connects people and creates new ideas & superpowers: It's Hotel Pavillon 🏯 … work space for viennese makers, thinkers and designers. It's our magic place & playground where we share fantasies, projects and crazy ideas with each other.

Our goal behind the interieur design of Hotel Pavillon was to create an atmosphere which feels more like a special homebase of small wonders and less like the classic "get work done"-office vibe.

So we let our hall of mirrors meet vintage velvet dreams, exotic greenery says hi to cleane concrete and every corner should offer a small wonder to discover.

»It's our cabinet of curiosities
which we want to open for all of you.«

The idea behind 'erieur - the new interior line by Pavillon - is to show and share a selection of design pieces, home accessoires and vintage objects from our favorite oasis - Hotel Pavillon

Every month something new comes and something old goes at Hotel Pavillon. It changes it's soul and face as we all make progress and extend our ideas.

But it's always so hard for us to give away special pieces to make room for new curiosities. So we created the 'erieur — vintage line to finde a new home for our beloved interieurs.

For all of you, who are interested in our oasis and interior line, come by at Hotel Pavillon — Zollergasse 8, 1070 Vienna — and say hi!

pssst … you can also book our halls for shootings, secret events or special get togethers and we love to share our interior expertise with you.

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yours Cecilia & Mathias from Pavillon